We would like to stress that the massacre of a family where the fallen victims were 3 boys, aged 9, 5 and 3 years old and severely wounded their 33 year old mother, no matter which element in Thai security forces does it and for what purpose, is the greatest blow to peace, democracy, humanity, and all religious values. For this reason, no one—and certainly no peace loving Thais - can approve of any terrorist activity. Terror has no place in one’s quest to achieve Thai stronghold in the former Malay kingdom of Patani. It costs the lives of innocent people.


We strongly condemn this latest terrorist attack during the night of a day after the disrupted February 2nd (2014) General Elections, on the Thai colonialists. The Belukar Samak village (in Narathiwat's Bacho district) massacre, only deserves condemnation and contempt, and it must be condemned by every person in the world. We believe that before Thai’s leaders and people respond to this heinous assault, we would like to express that they surely understand why such a terrible event occurred and how similar tragedies can be avoided in the future.

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